If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be eligible for compensation for your pain and suffering or missed work. With the help of workers’ compensation insurance, you may be compensated for three things: medical bills, partial missed wages, and recovery costs.

Workers’ comp, formally known as workman’s comp, initially emerged as a bargain between business owners and their employees. Business owners were ultimately tired of being sued by injured workers, and employees were tired of being injured on the job. With the help of workers’ comp insurance, people who are injured at work can get the compensation they need to pay upfront expenses like doctor’s visits, chiropractic care, and medicine.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s beneficial to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. Many people that have been injured on the job prefer to work with a lawyer because they don’t have a great understanding of the claims process. Other times, people want to be absolutely sure that they are filing the claim correctly, and they’ll hire a workers’ comp attorney to help. When you hire a lawyer to assist you with your case, you can expect them to:

Help You Navigate The Workers’ Comp Laws

Workers’ compensation laws can be very confusing, especially because they tend to vary from state to state. When you work with an attorney like the ones at the Law Office of Mario Trespalacios P.A., you can feel comfortable filing your workers’ comp claim because you’ll be working with a professional who understands the ins and outs of various workers’ comp laws. In the state of Florida, if you work in an industry outside of construction and you have four or more employees, you are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Assist You With Building A Good Case

Your workers’ compensation case will ultimately determine whether or not you receive compensation for your work-related injury or illness. When you work with a workers’ comp attorney, they’ll take the time to analyze all of the details of your case to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

As you already know, a business’s main goal is to keep expenses low and make a profit. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employers or insurance companies to offer low and unfair settlement offers to people who have been injured on the job. Without the help of a workers’ comp attorney, your employer will try to twist your arm when it comes to accepting a low-ball offer. For this reason alone, you should never hesitate to hire a workers’ comp lawyer.

When To Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Hiring a workers’ comp attorney can improve your settlement and award amounts across the board. There are many instances where it would be beneficial to hire an attorney, and being injured on the job is definitely one of them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you may want to hire an attorney for your case.

Denied Claims

Did you know that even if you have been injured on the job, your workers’ comp claim can still be denied by the insurance company? This is a common uphill battle that many people have to face. First, you have to show how and why you are truly eligible for the benefits, and then you have to come up with a fair amount of compensation to be paid. When your claim is denied by the insurance company, this can be a big red flag. This means that you ultimately won’t receive your benefits in a timely matter.

If you have been denied a claim, hiring a lawyer can be incredibly helpful. In fact, the average person who hires a lawyer to help with their workers’ comp case actually receives 47% more in benefits than those who tried to fight the legal battle on their own.

Workers’ Comp Retaliation

If you have been injured at work and your employer fights back, claiming the injury was out of your own negligence, this is called workers’ comp retaliation. Employers are actually legally barred from retaliating against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims, however, this doesn’t mean that retaliation never occurs. Some employers will harass their employees, interfere with the claims process, or even fire their employee if they mention filing a workers’ comp claim. If your employer cuts your hours, demotes you, or fires you after a claim, you may be entitled to punitive damages.

At the Law Office of Mario Trespalacios P.A. in Miami, we believe that no employee should suffer from employer retaliation. There are many state and federal statutes in Florida that make it unlawful to retaliate against an employee when they file a workers’ comp claim. If you’re looking for an experienced and trustworthy workers’ comp lawyer, be sure to reach out to our legal team today.

Your Settlement Doesn’t Cover Lost Wages

As we mentioned above, it’s not uncommon for employers to offer low settlements for workers’ comp claims. If your employer offers you a settlement for your injury or illness, but they do not offer to cover your lost wages or medical bills, it may be time to contact an attorney. A workers’ comp attorney will work with you to ensure you have the strongest case possible so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Miami

If you live in the Miami area and you’ve been the victim of a work-related injury or illness, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. As Miami’s Top Rated Local® workers compensation and personal injury attorneys, we specialize in workers’ comp claims, and we would be happy to assist you with your case. Our attorneys will communicate with the workers’ compensation insurer on your behalf, and we’ll work to gather an medical evidence to help support your claim. Our personal injury attorneys also specialize in auto accidents, construction injury, wage and hour disputes, and denied claims. Schedule a consultation today!