Although Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced on March 19th that construction sites could remain open and in operation as they are considered to be an “essential business,” many projects are being slowed down as more and more cases of COVID-19 are recorded. On March 26th, the Miami Herald reported that two major projects, a $300 million Royal Caribbean Cruise Line headquarters building and a UM UHealth Care Center have been delayed “due to uncertainty about the COVID-19 virus.”

Century Homebuilders Group was one company to announce that its $100 million 850 Le Jeune Road mixed-use project was disrupted after workers at the site tested positive for coronavirus. In response to the positive results, the company ordered its general contractor to perform a deep cleaning on the large project which the source says will feature 230 apartments, two towers of office space, and 40,000 square feet of retail upon completion. That site is expected to remain closed until cleaning and sanitization is completed.

Despite the Spread of COVID-19 Many Construction Projects are Still Being Completed

Although the COVID-19 virus continues to threaten the lives of all Americans, many construction projects are still being completed. The news source reported that both the I-395 bridge and the expansion of the Jackson Memorial Hospital will continue as planned. However, certain protective measures have been put into place to help keep workers at these construction sites safe. Some of the things Mark Schaunaman, a business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 487 chapter says is being done at these construction sites include:

  • Group meetings are no longer being held.
  • Workers are trying to maintain six feet of separation.
  • Workers are being more conscientious about their hygiene and sanitation.
  • Iron workers, plumbers, and electricians who are often required to work together are now being given staggered work shifts.
  • Employees are being asked to leave their work boots behind when it is time for them to go home.

Because it is still unclear as to what impact the COVID-19 virus will have on the entire construction industry, we can expect that companies will likely make adjustments to their projects as needed.

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