Wage and Hour Disputes Lawyers in Miami, FL

Federal law requires employers to pay overtime to nonexempt employees. However, employers often deprive their employees of overtime pay through mis-classification, deceit or other unlawful practices. Wage and hour disputes frequently arise from workers’ compensation claims. Mario Trespalacios is a workers’ compensation attorney who frequently handles wage and hour disputes arising from workers’ comp claims.

There are many ways in which employers violate employment laws and employee rights such as:

  • Forcing you to work off the clock or through your lunch break
  • Failing to pay you for overtime
  • Retaliating against you for filing and overtime claim by demoting you, cutting your pay or laying you off.

Any of these actions may be the basis for action against your employer. Mr. Trespalacios is a seasoned advocate with a sound understanding of the law. He aggressively enforces his clients’ rights to the fullest extent of Florida law.

Mario Trespalacios has been representing employees in wage and hour disputes since 1992. Frequently, while he investigates a workers’ comp case, he uncovers overtime pay violations and other unlawful practices. When this occurs, he takes forceful action to ensure that his clients receive money that they rightfully earned.

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As a Miami wage and hours disputes attorney, Mario Trespalacios understands the frustration that comes with knowing that your employer did not respect your right to receive overtime pay. He will take action to ensure that you are rightfully compensated for the hours that you worked. Contact his office at 305-261-5800.

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